What is the Learning Assistance Program?

The Learning Assistance Program provides additional academic support to eligible K-12 students in reading, math, writing and readiness skills. LAP programs are supported with Washington state funds and given to school districts within the state.

Currently, LAP-funded services must first focus on kindergarten through fourth-grade students who are deficient in reading or reading-readiness skills to improve literacy.

Eligible students are the “greatest in need” as determined by a rank order of scores taken from statewide and/or district assessments. LAP services are interventions, supplemental to the core instruction in reading, math and/or writing.

How our school uses LAP resources

The Heights Campus LAP program provides additional learning time to practice and build reading skills. LAP groups meet outside of classroom reading and math instruction. Time spent in LAP groups focuses on hearing and reading the sounds in words and lots of practice with reading passages. Each group is led by the LAP reading teacher and typically has three to six students. Each trimester, a LAP progress report for parents is included in their child’s report card.