May 2024 Employee Excellence Awards

The following employees were selected to receive the May Employee Excellence Awards and recognition at the May 2024 school board meeting.

Sara Molyneux, Special Education Teacher at Gaiser Middle School
Karina Kelley, Teacher at Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Julie Foley, Clerk at Fort Vancouver High School
Conor Oldfield, ITUS Tech Assistant at JPC
Amelia Radford, Cafeteria Assistant at Franklin Elementary

Five employees are recognized between October and June of each school year. Nominations are open to staff, students, parents and community members. Nominees are selected for recognition by a committee of their peers.

In addition to awardees chosen by the peer nomination and Excellence Awards committee voting process, the Board of Directors may recognize recipients who have been nominated by the Superintendent’s Cabinet for demonstrating exceptional leadership and dedication to VPS students and their families.

Julie Foley, Clerk

Fort Vancouver High School

Julie Foley is an incredibly helpful and thoughtful Counseling Center Clerk at Fort Vancouver High School. She is a bright light for staff and students, always taking the time to make those around her feel comfortable and supported. Julie takes the initiative to handle logistical tasks and makes an extra effort to find answers to questions for other staff. One nominator shares, “Julie is beyond deserving of this award and her work does not go unnoticed.” Thank you, Julie.

Sara Molyneux, Special Education Teacher

Gaiser Middle School

Sara Molyneux is a remarkable special education teacher at Gaiser Middle School who is dedicated to creating a positive and inclusive learning environment for students with diverse needs. She tailors her teaching methods to each student and fosters trust and security in her classroom. Sara has an impact beyond academics; she helps her students develop life skills and a love of learning that they will carry with them beyond their time in her classroom. Thank you, Sara.


Karina Kelley, Teacher

Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Karina Kelley is a dedicated teacher at Thomas Jefferson Middle School. She is a tireless supporter of students and in addition to supporting students in her classroom, she takes on many leadership roles in the school. Karina is an AVID lead teacher and co-leader of the SBLT as well as coordinating intramural programs and supporting “Thursday School.” Additionally, she is an appreciated colleague who works closely with her peers. Thank you, Karina.


Conor Oldfield, ITUS Tech Assistant


Conor Oldfield is an outstanding technical support employee who helps colleagues throughout VPS. His commitment to going above and beyond to help others, along with his positive attitude and ability to stay calm under pressure, is an inspiration for the employees he supports. One nominator shares, “Conor is always kind, and helps me with a smile and lots of empathy.” Thank you, Conor.

Amelia Radford, Cafeteria Assistant

Franklin Elementary School

Amelia Radford is a long-time cafeteria assistant at Franklin Elementary who is especially kind to students. She gets to know their names, becomes familiar with their allergies and creates a festive environment for school meals. Amy also goes above and beyond for our “Kindness Week” by coordinating programs such as the recent donation of 400 cereal boxes to Franklin to be given to the Vancouver Foundation Pantry. One nominator shares, “I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award.” Thank you, Amelia.